KLK Environmental Group LLC Supplies and Delivers :

  • Experts in evaluating pollution and providing the most economical solutions.
  • We develop and evaluate new technologies or improve existing technologies to remove, immobilize, or destroy pollutants from the site.
  • We work together with our clients showing them a complete view of what is happening at any given time of the project.
  • We negotiate with the environmental agencies for our clients (obtaining no further action letters from the DEP).

Waste management

We design, optimize, and supply chemicals for wastewater treatment systems in conjunction with our sister company Unichem Inc.


Our Alliances

We have developed working relationships with other firms to provide specialized services in a timely and cost-efficient fashion, including

  • Laboratory Services certified in New York and New Jersey
  • Geology Services and GIS Database Management
  • Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Safety Training
  • Baseline Ecological Evaluation
  • Radon Monitoring and Remediation
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Expertise in the Transportation of Chemicals
  • Pool Maintenance and Water Treatment Experts